How to Best Choose a Weight Loss Program

Choosing a weight loss program that is meant for you is one that you believe in, suits your lifestyle, your budget and delivers results. The programs that wise up to your individual situation, especially your current health, and how you react to certain dietary factors may have an edge to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The following questions and pointers can help you make the right choice of which of the many programs to select from, and hopefully keep.

Does it promise you'll lose 40 pounds in a month? Any weight loss company is putting its neck on the line with a program that guarantees permanent weight loss of more than 2 pounds a week. Since over 95% of all dieters regain lost weight, you'll want a program that not only helps you lose weight, but also keeps it off.

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Dramatic weight loss from starvation dieting, diets that recommend daily caloric intake of less than 1000 calories a day can damage your metabolism beyond repair. No doubt you can lose weight quick, but the body's set point has a funny way of exciting the appetite center of the brain to get all that weight back.

Adhering to a diet and exercise regimen that results in weight loss of 2 pounds or less a week is the most realistic way the body's weight set point will accept your transformation to a lower permanent weight. Not to mention the fact it's easier to do.

Is there an exercise program included? If not, expect any weight loss effect to be slow in coming, because some people need to be inspired with their results to tough it out, and stay with the plan. Otherwise, they'll probably quit.

Does it include online videos demonstrating the workout? If it's extra, what's the cost?

Does it give you tips and ideas on how to stay focused through the more difficult phases of the program?

Does the program tell you upfront on their product page that it's exercise routine requires you to spend money at a local fitness center, or buy minimal equipment to set up a home gym? If so, do they offer a discount to lighten the bill? Maybe it has a bodyweight exercise routine with no need for equipment.

Do you think you'll need a program like Weight Watchers that provides meetings at their centers for emotional and encouraging support? Or, do you prefer to do it independently?

Is it a weight loss program with open confidence that it can help some people with medical problems, such as diabetes or arthritis? Does it give special attention and instructions to different groups of weight loss students?

When you begin to read some of the program's information and concepts regarding nutrition and exercise, is it consistent with what you already know about weight loss that works?

Is it a program that requires you to answer a questionnaire about how you respond to certain foods especially carbohydrates and sugars for the purpose of making a specialized diet for you?

Is there good online support? Do they ask how you're progressing with their program?

Do you have to pay extra for personal consultations like sending email questions to the author of the program?

Do they send you follow-up emails to stay in touch with you with tips and advice, keeping you focused on the program?

Do they send you a questionnaire to fill out about what you think of their program?

After you purchase the product and receive the materials, do you feel the company is giving exceptional value for your money, or is the entire program overpriced?

What is the time-frame of the refund policy? The program you pay for should have at least a 60 day money back guarantee for you to gauge long-term results. Watch for the small print if you're purchasing into a conditional refund policy. Check online if there's been a sizable number of complaints with credit card billing, poor service, and that includes handling complaints.

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